it’s the frequency… like chocolate…   |    |  

Do something that scares and excites you a little each day I’ve been told – and that’s what I’ve been doing, visiting networking groups and helping local businesses with a talk about the one word that can improve their business. Public speaking definitely scares me a little, but it’s exciting too for the response from people and hearing how a few little changes helped their business.

And that one word? Sounds stupidly simple but it’s… HAPPY.

I know, I know, it’s not some awe inspiring 12 letter word, really sorry about that. But being happy is vitally important to business – whether you are a solopreneur or work within a team.

By getting happy you, your team, and your business are:

31% more productive
37% more effective at sales
3 x more creative

Now that IS awe inspiring. All for that one little word. And you accounts department will be happier too!

So my question to you – what can help you get happy and reduce your stresses each day at work?

Try these simple exercises every day for the next week:

1 write down the most meaningful thing that has happened in the last day
2 write down 3 things you are grateful for that day
3 write 5 things that have been little happy moments in the last day
4 and then have a quick brisk walk in the fresh air

Believe it or not by doing these exercises regularly you will be happier, get more from your business, get more from your staff, and the added bonus is that it will overflow outside of work hours.

Just remember it’s not the size of the happy moments, it’s the frequency – like chocolate – little and often is the best way!

It’s win win any way you look at it.

So, join me and get #HAPPY in 2015!

And in the meantime, have a fabulous Christmas.