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The only constant in business is change… 2016 – what a year!!!  |    |  

So 2016 was a weird year for the world… and for me! Due to changes in my personal life, I’ve moved on to start a new business, which is more in line with the direction I want to take. I’m still working closely with Mark and Liz, and it’s all very very amicable (there were tears … Continued

Career Guide for Kellogg Marketing Employees  |    |  

kellogg testimonial

Loved doing this Career Guide for Kellogg – and they gave us a fab testimonial too, see below. There was an interactive version for online, and we also printed a version and delivered it… all in record time! The Creative Haus did an amazing job creating a Career Guide for our Marketing employees within very … Continued

The Creative Haus… movin’ and groovin’!  |    |  

the creative haus move

The Creative Haus has moved… 7 years in the old office, 11 years in the office before that, and the time had come: we needed bigger and better, so we’ve relocated. The phone number and email addresses stay the same, it’s just our postal address that’s new and improved… and we are just 22 minutes … Continued

Let’s talk about Business Cards…  |    |  

I go networking and it can be tough. If you’re anything like me, networking was seriously out of my comfort zone. But meeting someone face to face and explaining to them your benefits is something that cannot be avoided in networking. No one wants to work with someone they don’t know, let alone someone who … Continued

The design story for the new beauty company 3107 London Artisan Skincare  |    |  

We are very excited to be the complete all-round design service for new skincare company, 3107 London Artisan Skincare. We’ve been there every step of the way with the owner and chief alchemist Dija Ayodele:  “You guys have been ace, I can’t start to tell you all the great feedback I’ve received”. A new beauty … Continued

The Good Web Guide Awards 2015  |    |  

the good web guide awards 2015

I am really excited to announce that a website designed and built by The Creative Haus was shortlisted for The Good Web Guide Awards 2015! Whoop whoop go us! The award ceremony was at The Institute of Great Britain on Monday night, there are a couple of snaps above of myself and Lisa aka Miss … Continued

The 5 C’s of Corporate Communication  |    |  


Whilst doing research recently, I was shocked that stats showed that only 29 percent of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. I knew that it was likely to be a low figure that needed improving, hence our working with businesses such as Kellogg’s on producing materials to enhance their employer branding, but I really … Continued

Sales Toolkit for Kellogg – one very happy customer!  |    |  


We received them all on Friday and they look fantastic… one has even been pinched since being delivered which is not ideal, but is a great sign of how engaging they look. There’s been some great feedback on how they look, almost inviting people in to understand more. Very happy customer! Thanks, Sarah Ferguson Sales … Continued

Fabulously Fontastic Article  |    |  

Quite often budgets don’t allow you to use a designer for your website or business cards but, as we all know, first impressions count. Understanding fonts can help to give you a clean, clear style and help present you in a professional manner. Hopefully my blog post will help you feel a little more confident … Continued

Think of a colour… any colour…  |    |  


Thought of one? OK, have you thought about the meaning to people of that colour? In reality, colour has huge implications for branding and logos. It needs to speak to the target audience and enhance your credentials or product, whilst also engaging your customers and staff. It’s a lot to expect of a colour, right? … Continued