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Whilst doing research recently, I was shocked that stats showed that only 29 percent of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. I knew that it was likely to be a low figure that needed improving, hence our working with businesses such as Kellogg’s on producing materials to enhance their employer branding, but I really didn’t think it was that low. It’s sad, if only everyone believed in their career, profession, product and companies as much as I do!

So I thought I would share with you a quick overview of 5 areas that are vital to engagement, and they all begin with C, which makes for a great title!


Employee engagement is a reflection of how they feel about their relationship with their boss and the business. Connect with them – they are the people who help drive your business forward – in creativity and profit.

Employees, and future employees, want and need to understand the company’s positioning and their position within the company. Communication materials must ensure that these messages are easily accessible to all staff, in an engaging way.

It really matters if people know their are making a difference to the company’s success and future. Being part of the process helps everyone with trust and being part of the decision process often reduces stress. And contributing back with employee development helps too.

When your employees work as a team they outperform the individuals and groups that lack good work relationships. As creatives we work best as a team, it certainly helps us improve our creativity, and really get bouncing those ideas around!

Surveys prove again and again that recognition for a job well done, makes a difference to employee engagement. It’s all about building that trust and transparency, and that reflects directly on you and your brand.

The competitive edge can be gained by building an engaged team. It’s hard to achieve, and how you present your documents and communications to your team is vital. Consider using a professional graphic design agency to make the most of your materials when building your Employer Brand, it’s one of the steps in the process.

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Enjoy the summer sun,

Nicola Fisher is Creative Director at The Creative Haus.

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