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Let’s talk about Business Cards…  |    |  

I go networking and it can be tough. If you’re anything like me, networking was seriously out of my comfort zone. But meeting someone face to face and explaining to them your benefits is something that cannot be avoided in networking. No one wants to work with someone they don’t know, let alone someone who … Continued

The 5 C’s of Corporate Communication  |    |  


Whilst doing research recently, I was shocked that stats showed that only 29 percent of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. I knew that it was likely to be a low figure that needed improving, hence our working with businesses such as Kellogg’s on producing materials to enhance their employer branding, but I really … Continued

Fabulously Fontastic Article  |    |  

Quite often budgets don’t allow you to use a designer for your website or business cards but, as we all know, first impressions count. Understanding fonts can help to give you a clean, clear style and help present you in a professional manner. Hopefully my blog post will help you feel a little more confident … Continued

Think of a colour… any colour…  |    |  


Thought of one? OK, have you thought about the meaning to people of that colour? In reality, colour has huge implications for branding and logos. It needs to speak to the target audience and enhance your credentials or product, whilst also engaging your customers and staff. It’s a lot to expect of a colour, right? … Continued

Nice design? Now put it under the spot light…  |    |  


Interrogate, interrogate, interrogate! Yes, that’s what you need to do now. So, how do you know if your materials are designed well? Using some of the basic principles below you can assess all the elements, it should leave you with something that communicates clearly to the target audience and therefore will be GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGN. TARGET AUDIENCE … Continued

it’s the frequency… like chocolate…  |    |  

Do something that scares and excites you a little each day I’ve been told – and that’s what I’ve been doing, visiting networking groups and helping local businesses with a talk about the one word that can improve their business. Public speaking definitely scares me a little, but it’s exciting too for the response from … Continued

be fabulously fontastic!  |    |  

be fabulously fontastic

Recently I was invited to write a guest blog for freelancers helping them choose the right fonts for their projects and creating their own style. I am a bit of a font geek. Actually to be more precise, I am a typesetting typographic geek. I realised a long time ago that designing also involved an … Continued