Nice design? Now put it under the spot light…   |    |  


Interrogate, interrogate, interrogate! Yes, that’s what you need to do now.

So, how do you know if your materials are designed well?

Using some of the basic principles below you can assess all the elements, it should leave you with something that communicates clearly to the target audience and therefore will be GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGN.

What audience is the piece speaking to?
Put yourself in the shoes of the audience it is attempting to capture before passing judgement.

Are the images clear, crisp, and tied in with the rest of the piece?
Is the image relevant to the overall message, and the work of a professional?

How does the colour make you feel?
Is it used consistently and harmoniously with other colours in the piece?

How many different fonts are used?
Are they easy to follow and have a personality that fits well with the project?

Are your eyes drawn to the most important part?
Is the item of design usable, readable and easy to interact with?

Have you felt invited to look, encouraged to continue?
How does the design make you feel?

So, do you think your materials communicating effectively?

Answering the questions above shouldn’t leave you unsure, you should be positive, #happy and have a smile on your face. Frowning at it is not a good sign. Hopefully the answer is yes, but if not, drop it over to me and I will have a quick look over it and report back with any obvious and easy fixes.

Hope this helps!

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