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Nice design? Now put it under the spot light…  |    |  


Interrogate, interrogate, interrogate! Yes, that’s what you need to do now. So, how do you know if your materials are designed well? Using some of the basic principles below you can assess all the elements, it should leave you with something that communicates clearly to the target audience and therefore will be GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGN. TARGET AUDIENCE … Continued

A discovery by Donatantonio, importers of Meditteranean deliciousness…  |    |  

We’re delighted to have discovered design team The Creative Haus and now work with them on a wide variety of design and print projects from product packaging to sales leaflets and enewsletters. Their flexibility and “can-do” attitude makes them a great resource and the quality of work and effort they have put into our projects … Continued

Kellogg and the Pringles Induction Guide  |    |  

We recently engaged The Creative Haus to do some work for us on designing an induction booklet to support the acquisition of the Pringles business. I have to say that The Creative Haus were wonderful to deal with, we had a very tight timelines and needed both the design and delivery/shipment completed within a matter … Continued

Fit-natic Fitness! A gorgeous testimonial  |    |  

“I had an event at the weekend which went very well, partly due to the exceptionally quality of the design work put together by The Creative Haus. People loved the look, feel and colours of my design. They commented on how professional the business cards, flyers and banner looked which in turn, made people see … Continued

it’s the frequency… like chocolate…  |    |  

Do something that scares and excites you a little each day I’ve been told – and that’s what I’ve been doing, visiting networking groups and helping local businesses with a talk about the one word that can improve their business. Public speaking definitely scares me a little, but it’s exciting too for the response from … Continued

it was all the fault of the pâté  |    |  

Workshops 2015

really – it was the pâtés’ fault. It was my starter, and it was late you see. Maybe it was also the hunger, or the glass of wine on an empty stomach. I’ll never really know for sure, but what I do know is that I was talking too much and somehow I had put … Continued

Rhona Clews: testimonial for her website design and build  |    |  

Website - Rhona Clews

The Creative Haus was recommended to me by a business connection that I really trust and from our very first meeting I felt in safe hands! Why? Well not only does team member Nic have a wonderful way of putting you at ease, but more than that, she listens. She listened so well that I … Continued

would you like a guardian for your brand?  |    |  

Website - WWRD emeadam

It only takes a mention of swoosh and Golden Archesto immediately conjur up an image of the brands. Strong brands, strong visual identities. The look and feel needs to be kept through all materials created, so do you have the grief of checking everything is on brand? Would it help to have a brand guardian who ensures your materials pass … Continued

Beautiful art, our new client the Tom Merrifield Gallery  |    |  

Tom Merrifield invite

Thank you so much for the work that you have done on our exhibition invite. I love the new fresh design, on showing them both to Tom Merrifield, he prefers the black version. I would like to thank you and congratulate you on some great design work – we will definitely be using your services … Continued

let’s not sugar coat this…  |    |  

The Creative Haus TEAM

It’s official. Design led businesses rock. We loved the new research by the DMI showing that design-led companies outperform other businesses in their sector by as much as 228%. How awesome is that for a stat? In a recent analysis in partnership with innovation strategy firm Motiv, the DMI created the Design Value Index; the index lists design-led, … Continued