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it was all the fault of the pâté  |    |  

Workshops 2015

really – it was the pâtés’ fault. It was my starter, and it was late you see. Maybe it was also the hunger, or the glass of wine on an empty stomach. I’ll never really know for sure, but what I do know is that I was talking too much and somehow I had put … Continued

would you like a guardian for your brand?  |    |  

Website - WWRD emeadam

It only takes a mention of swoosh and Golden Archesto immediately conjur up an image of the brands. Strong brands, strong visual identities. The look and feel needs to be kept through all materials created, so do you have the grief of checking everything is on brand? Would it help to have a brand guardian who ensures your materials pass … Continued

retail blog 1 – you have a fab food product… now what?!  |    |  

Retail blog 1

Are the top 4 supermarkets going to want it? We are often approached by people who have an amazing new food product that they need to bring to the market. “It’s soooooo good that everyone will want to buy it”, they tell me when I first meet them, and of course, they want it on … Continued

be fabulously fontastic!  |    |  

be fabulously fontastic

Recently I was invited to write a guest blog for freelancers helping them choose the right fonts for their projects and creating their own style. I am a bit of a font geek. Actually to be more precise, I am a typesetting typographic geek. I realised a long time ago that designing also involved an … Continued